How It Works

Highlights Of The SunRAYS Program

The program was founded with the idea of expanding the solar industry to new markets. Historically, Commercial C&I and Residentially scaled solar products have not been a great fit for certain segments of the market. These segments include Rental Property Owners, Multi-family Property Owners, Condo Associations, Small Businesses with brick and mortar locations, Small-scale Commercial Properties, Non-profit Organizations, and Single Family Property Owners (including those with poor credit or with low/no electricity usage). Each of these segments has a characteristic that makes their particular sites not qualify for any existing solar finance models which would help make solar more cost effective and financially palatable. To solve this problem, The SunRAYS Energy Program leases the roof space of a particular site. Leasing your roof space to the SunRAYS Energy Program would be considered a “Site Host.” A Site Host will be compensated for the leased space with cash payments that can occur both upfront and over the recurring term of the agreement. A site does NOT need to have any existing electric bill in order to benefit from the SunRAYS Program. The spirit of the program is to give the site owner value for their roof space, turning it from a liability into a revenue generating asset! Once a solar project is up and running, it is providing sustainable energy back to the community. Contact us and request a consultation from us to learn the value of your roof space and see the economic advantage of renewable energy.

Transform The Way You Purchase Energy and Utilize Your Roof

Incentives in the Solar Industry are reducing so you have to act now!

Get Paid For Your Roof Space – Site Host