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To spread the environmental and economic advantages of renewable energy to a broader market

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Solar Roof Rental Values may go down over time.

100 MW of Solar Installation Capacity

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What is the SunRAYS Energy Program?

The SunRAYS Energy Program is transforming the way property owners purchase energy and utilize their roof space – providing financial incentive to utilize your roof for solar.

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Who Is SunRAYS For?

The SunRAYS Energy Program allows the opportunity for more environmental and economic value from solar energy by separating the value of solar energy production and clean energy procurement needs. Renewables are a rapidly growing and positive industry, however, many service lines and customer profiles have been neglected. Some property types have high electricity usage, but have little to no roof-space. Other property types have great roof space but can’t afford to purchase solar on their own, have poor credit, or don’t have high enough electric bills to justify going solar.

Over 74% of rooftops do not have a viable means of going solar in today’s solar financial landscape. After years of development, SunRAYS Energy Program has developed a model in which to support these types of organizations and properties. Today, we are proud to offer a product that helps clients realize the economic benefits of a product that has a major positive impact on the environment. This Program helps stimulate a local economy as well as has a positive impact all across the United States.


The program creates a value for a property to be a “Provider” of solar energy by just providing space for energy production and without taking on any of the cost or responsibilities associated with the solar energy project itself. An explicitly unique part of this program is the space necessary to become a provider can be as small as an average residential rooftop. The purpose of this program is to help expand the access of solar to low income properties and environmental justice communities. Compensation for roof space allows any property type with strong solar access to participate in solar benefits. This program offers a truly distributed generation approach to global warming and climate change mitigation.

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Some Key Contract Terms:

Clients can buy out the system based on buyout schedule

There is some buyout language in the terms of the agreement that allow you to buyout the remainder of the lease.

Agreement is transferable to any new owners 

If you decide to sell your home, the system can be transferred to the new owners at any time. The process is easy and should add value to your property in the sale.

We maintain the system for the length of the agreement and carry liability insurances

We take care of everything throughout the development, installation, and ongoing maintenance of the project.

The initial term of the agreement is 20 years

The agreement is an initial 20 year term.

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