Commonly Asked Questions

How much will I get paid?

Book a consultation to find out! We can’t give general pricing because of the different variables but a quick consultation will give us all of the information we need to give you the value of your roof! Fill out the form to book a meeting!

How do you come up with the payment amounts?

We calculate the payment amounts utilizing the various factors necessary for a solar project. Some of the factors include geographic location, Sun exposure, available square footage, angle of the roof (pitch), the direction the roof is facing (azimuth), the height of the roof, etc.

Why should I rent my roof for solar?

The SunRAYS Program is the only solar option in the market that pays you for the space. This is designed to be a risk free income stream for your property. The intention is that you turn your roof, which is typically a liability, into an asset.

Do I need to have an electric bill?

No, The SunRAYS Program can pay you lease payments in cash over the duration of the lease. No electric bill is required.

What happens to the energy?

When we install the solar equipment we put on a new meter. All of the energy goes through the new meter and goes directly out to the utility power lines.

What if I sell my house?

The system can be transferred to the new owners at any time.

What will happen to my electric bill?

If you receive your lease compensation in the form of energy credits, then your electric bill will go down proportionately to the value of the energy credits. If you choose to take your lease compensation in the form of cash payments then there will be no change to your electric bill.

What about permits and the process?

The SunRAYS Program takes care of every part of the process including the permit applications, engineering, interconnection agreements and any other necessary entitlements.

Who manages installation and upkeep?

We take care of everything throughout the development, installation, and ongoing maintenance of the solar project.

How long is the agreement term?

The initial term of the agreement is 20 years.